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We, at KwikSweep, care about waste removal and recycling.

For this reason, we find worrying the news that millions of tonnes of UK waste may soon be ‘homeless.’

According to ESA, the Environmental Services Association, the ‘treatment capacity gap that urgently needs to be addressed’ may in fact leave the UK 6 million tonnes short of treatment capacity by 2030.

Solving this capacity issue must thus become the priority of government.

In fact, as the CIWN journal reports, ‘boosting recycling rates above the industry’s expected range of 50-55% is likely to cost at least £1.5 billion and will require significant government intervention to support markets for recycled materials.’

Clearly, a solution is to be found, as a functioning waste sector can benefit both the economy and employment.

In this regard, CIWN reports that ‘closing the forecast 6m tonne capacity gap would lead to £4.5 billion capital investment, 1,500 permanent jobs in the waste sector and almost 7,500 jobs in the construction phase’ and ‘the additional energy from waste facilities would produce almost 0.5GW of electricity, capable of powering around 720,000 homes.’

The KwikSweep team, given the positive backlash a solution to this waste capacity issue may have, is ready to endorse all eco-friendly initiatives that may solve this crisis.

As a London-based junk and rubbish removal service for both households and businesses, KwikSweep is already active in promoting recycling and alternative solutions to the management of waste.

We offer services that contribute to making waste, and its future, more manageable, such as house, office, garden, events, and junk clearance services.

Our company complies with environmental legislation and environmental codes of practice applicable to the business sectors in which it operates, and is thus ready to provide environmental actors with help in solving waste capacity problems in the UK.

The future of waste in the UK may be uncertain, but by working together, this will surely soon become a memory of the past.

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