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On the 21st of December, the London Assembly Environment Committee has published its ‘Waste: Household Recycling’ report. Yet, this is not good news.

In the report, the London Assembly stresses that waste in London is a problem.

In fact, it claims that the average London household recycling rate must increase by almost a third by 2030, if the Mayor’s overall recycling target is to be met. Its stance on waste is pessimistic.

The KwikSweep team believes that more needs to be done to tackle this issue. As junk removal and recycling experts, we know how difficult waste can be.

London, more than any other city in the UK, needs help. And here is why.


  • Each year, in the capital, we throw away 890,000 tonnes of food from our homes, and of these, 540,000 could have been eaten.


  • One year’s worth of a borough’s household waste can generate enough electricity to power a primary school for 10 years.


  • A staggering 85 per cent of London’s residents believe recycling makes a difference, but London’s recycling rates remain among the worst in the UK


  • Only six London boroughs recycle 60kg of waste per individual household. This is the minimum necessary to meet the Mayor’s target.

Clearly, then, waste in London is an issue.

We, at KwikSweep, deal with waste removal and house clearings on a daily basis, and we think that three measures should be adopted immediately to tackle waste in London.


  • Firstly, the size of bins should be limited, so as to encourage recycling.


  • Secondly, the frequency of general waste collections should be reduced, so as to increase the amount of waste sent to recycling facilities.


  • Lastly, fines should be introduced for all households that do not recycle.


Waste is a problem, and we need to tackle it together.

KwikSweep has been helping London with this problem by providing fast and effective junk removal. Our company succeeds where London struggles.

When it comes to junk removal, KwikSweep is the solution.

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