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It’s happening.

The City’s refuse collections fleet is going electric.

This is not a drill!

The City of London, home to numerous major businesses in the financial and legal sectors, has more than 300,000 people commuting into it every day. Now, it will also have the first fully-electric refuse collection vehicle fleet.

Kwik Sweep, as one of London’s most experienced waste management companies, has decided to look into this innovative, eco-friendly development.

Vince Dignam, the square mile’s business improvement and performance manager, sees this innovation as the starting point of something bigger.

“I have made it my personal business to get involved in the air quality group here in the City,” he says. “For me, I have a family, and there is so much information about why diesel needs to be limited to only where it is necessary.”

The above explains his decision to invest in electric waste trucks.

These trucks will be in operation as part of a two-month trial, while the City assesses whether the operational benefits of switching from diesel fuels to electric is a feasible move.

Should their results be affirmative, when vehicles will be up for renewal in 2019, the City of London will be able to count on a full, functional electric refuse truck fleet.

Dignam believes in this technology.

“This sector is ripe for the new technology. Number one we need to make sure it can do that cycle [collection within the City] … If the battery and the chassis and the driveline work properly, it fits like hand in glove,” he claimed.

Kwik Sweep believes in the City’s project, and would like to see more ideas like this one being tested in London.

If you, like us, feel like getting rid of London’s waste problem, get in touch with us.

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