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If you live or work in London, you probably know of the Capital’s problem with chewing gum.

Just look down next time you walk around the city!

You will see old, flat, grey chewing gums all over the place.

British designer Anna Bullus has decided to do something about this “chewy plague,” and Kwik Sweep, London’s leading waste removal and collection company, is here to tell you about her story.

There are two things Anna Bullus hates about chewing gum.

The first one is that more than £14bn is spent on chewing gum each year around the world, and that most of it ends up stuck to the ground.

The second one is that gum is the second most common kind of street litter, preceded only by cigarettes.

So, what is she doing to remove gum from our streets?

The answer is surprisingly simple. She is turning gum into … everyday objects.

Anna has created bright pink, bubble-like bins for disposing gum. These are called Gumdrops, and can usually be found hanging at head-height around London (Oh … the bins are themselves made of recycled chewing gum).

The waste-gum collected by Anna’s gum drop is then recycled, and turned into hundreds of different, curious objects.

Thanks to Anna’s idea, chewing gum has so far been turned into coffee cups, shoes, boots, and other common items.

And guess what! Gumdrop-equipped areas end up saving money on cleaning fees, and also have cleaner floors and pavements.

Heathrow Airport, which ran a three-months Gumdrop trial, said the innovation led to a “noticeable improvement,” and saved the Airport £6,000 in cleaning costs.

Kwik Sweep, whose expertise focuses on waste removal and recycling, is glad to hear of success stories such as this one.

We, as a company, endeavour to honour and respect the protection of our city’s environment, just like Anna Bullus.

For this reason, we provide Londoners with the quickest and most convenient waste management services.

So, if you care about the environment, and you want to get rid of your waste in an eco-friendly, manner, get in touch with us.

Kwik Sweep is ready to listen to you.

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