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Remember London’s fatberg?

It is now on display.

Yes, really.

We, at Kwik Sweep, as experts in waste collection, removal, and recycling, would like to encourage you to go see it.

Why? You may be wondering. Well, in short, it will make you understand how dramatic London’s waste situation currently is.

A section of London’s famous Fatberg is on display at the Museum of London.

The “artefact” has been slowly air dried and enclosed into a class container. Visitors are not able to smell it, as not only does it smell horrible, but it still contains larvae.

The sample is part of a much bigger sewer-blocking agglomerate of fat and waste that made headlines last year, weighing over 130 tonnes, or the same as 11 double decker buses. The original fatberg also stretched more than 250 meters, which made it six meters longer than Tower Bridge.

Behind the horrible nature of the fatberg, however, there lies something “nice.” Large sections of this monster have been converted into biodiesel, which I now powering the No 24 London bus route between Pimlico and Hampstead.

The curator of the exhibition admits that: “Not everyone will want to come to see the fatberg, it will be too disgusting, too gross, to think about.” For this reason, it has been purposely located in a dark room that people can choose to enter, or not.

If you want to see this “remarkable” exhibition, though, you have to be quick. It will only be on display until the 1st of July.

Meanwhile, before your visit, you may want to give our website a look.

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