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Oddly enough, it may be.

Kwik Sweep is glad to report that Great Britain is enjoying a decrease in the emission of some of the major air pollutants, including sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

How is this possible?

Our teams, which focus primarily on waste removal and recycling, are here to provide you with an answer.

The latest “UK air pollution levels report” shows that sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, non-methane volatile compounds, and particulate matters emission levels have all fallen.

In particular, emissions of sulphur dioxide – responsible for acid rain and deforestation – are at their lowest levels since 1970 having fallen by more than 97 per cent.

Defra, the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, has made the following claims regarding these positive trends:

  • “Reduction in air pollutant emission are being achieved through regulatory controls and other means across industry, domestic and transport sectors.”
  • “Changes in behaviour such as individuals making more sustainable transport choices as well as wider economic conditions also impact on pollutant emissions.”

This decreasing trend matters – a lot.

On the one hand, it is good news for the UK government, which has regularly come under attack in recent years for failing to tackle air pollution.

On the other hand, it motivates action on other issues. London, for example, has breached its annual air pollution limit within a month this year. The situation in the capital must be improved.

Decreasing pollution levels show that we are on the right track. Saving our planet is possible. Yet, our efforts should not stop here.

Last year, a report by the WHO, the World Health Organisation, showed that 44 out of 51 British towns and cities failed emission tests.

Kwik Sweep is committed to the fight for a greener planet.

Our waste collection, removal, and recycling services are among the best in London and contribute daily to reducing the amount of toxins released in the environment.

If you need help with or advice on waste management, get in touch.

Kwik Sweep is here to help.

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