What else can we recycle?

The government has recently launched a 25-year plan to reduce “avoidable” plastic waste and protect the planet – but is there anything else we can do to help the earth?

To us, at Kwik Sweep, the answer is YES.

In fact, even though our expertise lies in waste collection and junk removal, we know of many unexpected items that can have a second life and be used as something else.

So, here are a few examples of uncommon recycling!

  • Yoga mats … from wine corks.

Cork forests are some of the most diverse natural habitats in the world. So, why waste their incredibly rich produce? Recorked UK is the solution. This company collects cork donations and turns the material into nice, retail products. Part of their profit is even donated to charity. One of their most popular items, the cork mat, is cheap, functional, and nice – a success.

  • Community gyms … from aerosol cans.

TerraCycle and RightGuard have team up to give a second chance to antiperspirant and deodorant containers. The aluminium they recover from these is melted town and turned into outdoor community gyms – promoted in partnership with the Great Outdoor Gym Company. Their work exemplifies the union between recycling and innovation!

  • Jewellery … from e-waste.

According to Global E-Waste Monitor, 45 million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2016, containing about £40 billion worth of recoverable materials. Dell is not ignoring these numbers and has partnered with Texas recycling company Wistron Green Tech and actress Nikki Reed to make jewellery from e-waste (fun fact: producing gold by recycling e-waste has 99 per cent lower environmental impact than traditional gold mining).

Clearly, as long as there is enough motivation and creativity, anything can be recycled.

So, if you need to get rid of your waste, get in touch with us. Kwik Sweep strives to recycle or reuse all materials it collects during its waste collection and waste removal jobs.

Our eco-friendly approach is London’s favourite.

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