The 5 ‘It’ Ways to Clean-Up Bin Store Areas

Whenever you have a bin-store area to do a rubbish removal, you are going to have cleaning issues at some point. Particularly so when it is shared with others, who all have their own ways of keeping this area tidy, or not so tidy as the case often is.

They tend to be hidden areas behind a gate or door, with a tendency for people to simply throw anything in there and hope for the best.

Whilst the refuse collection company have a job on the hands to then remove all this, it is also a challenge for the cleaners to keep these areas tidy as well.

Well here are 5 quick keys to getting the cleaning and management part of this right:

  1. Clear it

A simple one to begin with, making sure that obvious mess is cleared up, often by someone going around and making sure items are placed back inside bins, larger items like cardboard boxes are broken down.

Just make sure you have gloves on as you never know what you’ll be touching.

  1. Brush it


A good old sweep will work wonders, ideally a good stiffed-brush one. Remember to get in all of the corners, and then carefully shovel and place safely away.


  1. Wash it


You may need to get more serious with a full wash down of the area, mainly the solid floor part but possibly the sides and door as well.


A simple hose pipe or jet wash with a good brush should do the job, making sure the water can easily drain away afterwards.


  1. Pest it


Watch out for sign of rodents and pests in rubbish areas, particularly where there is food and sheltered areas.


These are specialist services, therefore, call a good pest control company in to install say bait boxes or deal with infestations.


  1. Lock it


Very simple, but often overlooked – making sure the bin areas are locked away for only authorised people to use them through a key or Digi code system.


This will then deter any unwanted fly-tippers and naughty neighbours creeping in.


Check out  how to spring cleaning and home-maintenance can help.


Cleaning up the Rubbish


Therefore, in tandem to a good refuse collection service, make sure you keep on top of the basic cleaning of bin store areas, particularly communal ones.


These five ‘it’ points will help deal with everything right from basic tidy-ups, to unwanted users and pests.


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