Is there anything better than eating healthy?

The answer is short, and simple, too.

Yes, eating sustainable!

If you, like us at Kwik Sweep, want to feel less guilty when treating your taste buds, read on. We are London’s favourite provider of waste collection services – and today, we want you to feel a little bit more like us, happy and green.

So, here is our list. Feel free to visit any of these places. We know you will not regret it.

Set in Somerset House, Spring should definitely be the go-to restaurant of every green Londoner. Not only is it beautiful; it is a delight in cuisine, too. It head-chef, Skye Gyngell, has decided to curb the single-use plastics at the restaurant by next year. It has already scrapped plastic straws – and is now considering alternatives to plastics, such as biodegradable cling film.

Yes, Cub is sustainable. But that is not all. This restaurant offers its clients a set menu with food (and drinks) that do not destroy the planet. Oh, there is more. The restaurant grows numerous of its ingredients on-site.


Notice the name. Trawler Trash bases all its dishes on the ‘trash’ of the sea – it uses ‘unpopular’ fish, from herring to cuttlefish, to craft beautiful culinary creations. Give their mackerel carbonara a try – you will not be left disappointed.


… is not your regular pub. This North London ‘free house’ is keen on minimising its carbon footprint – it recycles all glass, cardboard, paper, and tins it uses, and is careful on food waste, too. But again, that is not all. It uses second hand, repurposed, and recycled furniture. We love it.


Next time you want to eat out, give one of these places a try.

If you find their eco-friendliness appealing, get in touch with us. We will help you get rid of your junk and waste in as much a green way as possible.

Kwik Sweep is here to help.

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