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One of our generation’s biggest problems.

We all need a solution to it. Yet, we seem unable to find one.

What if, however, we were getting closer to finding a way to end plastic waste?

Kwik Sweep, London’s most successful waste collection and junk removal company, is here to explore a few possible solutions to the plastic curse.


So, below are some of our favourite, and most recent, innovations that could put an end to plastic waste.

  • Natural Packaging.

At the University of Pittsburgh, researchers have applied nano-engineering to create a recyclable material that can replace plastic-based multi-layered packaging. Their new material mimics the way nature uses few molecular compounds to create durable structures.


  • Wood-based plastic.

In Finland, the VTT Technical Research Centre has created a compostable, multi-layer material from forestry and agricultural by-products. This has the potential to be used to create food pouches for a range of products, including muesli, nuts, dried fruits, and rice.


  • Eco-friendly / Compostable coatings.

The famous Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research has recently invented a silicate and biopolymers-based coating that can be used in several food packaging applications, replacing plastic products. This new coating can improve the performance of eco-friendly, bio-based packaging, which usually cannot provide food products with the required minimum shelf life.

Clearly, there is no love lost for plastic packaging.

However, we find these ideas great, and we truly believe in their potential.

Kwik Sweep endeavours to support an eco-friendly approach to waste, which is the reason why we would like to see more ideas like these ones being developed.

In the meantime, we will continue our fight against plastic as usual. Kwik Sweep provides London with the best and most convenient waste removal and collection services, and is keen on recycling and reusing.

So, if you care about the environment and you have a problem with waste, give us a call.

Kwik Sweep is here for you.

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