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Every year, over the course of the festive season, Britons generate 30 per cent more waste than usual. We throw away over six million Christmas trees and more than two million turkeys, and no one ever notices.

This is an issue.

It is almost as if Christmas had become a time for giving, receiving, and getting rid of old and unwanted stuff.

To us at KwikSweep, this has stop here. As waste removal and recycling experts, we are the first to realise how tragic Christmas is for our environment.

It is estimated, for instance, that if all Christmas trees bought in the UK this year were put end to end, their length would be the same as that of a return trip to New York; and if this was combined with the amount of wrapping paper we throw away every Christmas, we could go around the equator nine times.

In London alone, the 300,000 tonnes of card packaging used at Christmas could cover the Big Ben almost 260,000 times.

Waste ruins Christmas, and every year we endeavour to stop this.

During this time, and regardless of the cold, KwikSweep works across London to remove waste from the homes of Londoners. Our trucks are filled with trees, glass, and old appliances, which we take to recycling facilities to guarantee their eco-friendly disposal.

Every year we strive to make Christmas better by removing waste from its magic.

With KwikSweep, the waste we generate every Christmas becomes less of a burden. Thanks to our teams, waste is disposed of in the correct way, and does not contribute to fly-tipping.

With our help, London’s families can enjoy their Christmas and their presents, while we take care of all the things they no longer need.

Waste does ruin Christmas, but it is easy to find ways to stop this trend.

KwikSweep is one. The one that never disappoints.

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