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The KwikSweep team is happy to hear that London’s mayor Sadiq Khan is rolling out a plan to reduce plastic waste in London.

The Labour politician plans to install a new network of water fountains and bottle-refill stations in London, so as to reduce the circulation of single-use plastic packaging, such as plastic bottles. The mayor also intends to get businesses to share their tap water with the public, building on a pilot programme launched in Bristol two years ago.

The KwikSweep family endorses this initiative! As experts in junk removal and waste recycling, we welcome all environment-friendly actions.

“The mayor wants to see a reduction in the amount of single-use plastic bottles and cups,” said one of Khan’s spokespeople, and so do we! Waste should no longer pollute our city. KwikSweep aims to protect London’s environment by delivering the best waste collection service in London. We are glad to have Sadiq on our side, too!

The mayor is not alone in his quest against waste. Pret a Manger, JD Wetherspoon and London Zoo all have plans to curb their plastic consumption. The KwikSweep team encourages all such forms of recycling and environmental waste management.

The path to success, however, is all but an easy one.

Seven years ago, for instance, Network Rail claimed that it did not intend to install new drinking points in its stations, as this would undermine retailers.

This, yet, is as far from true as it could be. Free, accessible drinking points are bound to increase the number of people walking through a station, and this would certainly improve the revenue of retailers.

We, at KwikSweep, encourage the mayor not to give up! Reducing waste is not easy, but the more people fight for this cause, the more likely we are to succeed.

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