Sofa Removal & Disposal in London

Sofa Removal

KwikSweep is London’s largest sofa removal company. Our two man team will clear your large piece sofas no matter where in the property it is located. We know it can be very stressful and difficult it is to dispose sofas. This is why our teams do all the loading, so you do not have to lift a finger.

Our trained crews are experienced in removing sofas and working out the angles that it came in. In some cases we may need to break it down, however our team will let you know on the day. We do our best to reuse and recycle your old sofa where possible.

Tips on how to recycle your sofa

We never like to send any sofa we collect to landfill. This is why we use charities and recycling centres that divert waste from landfill. To help us do this:

  • Try to never remove the safety labels and most charities will not accept without these.
  • Keeps all original cushions if you have
  • Cover if leaving outside.
  • Clean any stains where possible

How much does is cost to dispose of your sofa?

Single Armchair  – £60

2 seater             – £80

3 Seater           – £100

L shape              £120

How to get rid of your old sofa

Give us a call to arrange your sofa collection or any other furniture removal services. Our quote includes VAT, labour and disposal of your old sofa.