Rubbish Removal During Covid-19  – Coronavirus Waste Collection 

Rubbish removal covid-19

KwikSweep will be clearing rubbish from homes and businesses as usual during this Covid-19 – Coronavirus outbreak.
The UK Government announced on 23rd March that people should stay at home wherever possible.
 There are some exceptions which need to remain open as essential services.
KwikSweep provides waste removal services for key businesses and organizations such as the NHS, local London Councils and property management companies, so our operation will continue. We are also still providing rubbish removal services for homes and businesses throughout this time. Environmental health is critical at this time.
To protect our staff and customers, we have listed a few changes to how rubbish will be cleared in this period.


  • Waste must be left outside the property where possible. If we need to come into your property you must keep a social distance of 2 meters. You can point the waste that you need removed. When our staff are clearing you must remain in other room.
  • We will sign the paperwork (duty of care) on your behalf and leave  your copy at front door or letter box
  • All payment will be taken over the phone
  • We will not collect if you have symptoms

To get a quote and book a collection call 0207 6249215 or fill out our quote online from


With so much uncertainty around covid-19 and what will happen over the next few months, it can be tempting to let good habits such as recycling or rubbish removed slide. However, with more and more of us set to be social distancing and spending more time at home, it’s likely that we’re going to be producing more household waste during this time.

Plus, with local councils becoming strained and a risk of limited rubbish collections due to bin men needing to self-isolate.

Waste When You’re Self-Isolating

To help protect others, if you are self-isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms or you have tested positive, you will need to take further precautions. At this point you should aim to put all personal waste (such as tissues) into double-bagged bin bags.

Once double bagged, this waste should be sprayed with disinfectant and stored in a safe place away from areas where children or pests could come in contact with it for 72 hours before it can be put in your general waste.