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Yes, you really read that right.

According to ‘The Times,’ waste plastics could soon be transformed into high-quality fuels using a technique developed by a spinout company from Oxford University.

Kwik Sweep finds this a remarkable innovation, even if our expertise is grounded into waste collection and removal.

Oxford Sustainable Fuels (OSF) is being launched with seed funding from an array of Chinese investors. Their intent is that of commercialising the method discovered last summer to popularise alternatives to fossil fuels.

This new technique could eventually help to assuage the growing global plastics crisis by making it easier and more efficient to recycle waste. It promises to deal with unsorted, mixed kinds of plastics, and to transform them into useful fuels for transportations.

Scientists have been working on this solution since 2014, when they first realise they could develop a new energy-efficient catalytic method of upgrading plastics to create petro, diesel, and jet fuels.

According to Tiancun Xiao, president of the Shenzhen-based recycling firm GEM, the “OSF team from Oxford have developed a pyrolysis oil upgrading technology that not only solves the problem of organic waste but also provides renewable energy for the future.”

These are the innovations that our planet needs in order to fight climate change and preserve our environment.

Kwik Sweep loves seeing that its innovative spirit is being replicated elsewhere.

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