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Food waste is sad.

It typifies the consumeristic nature of London – as well as that of the Western world – and it is also ethically wrong.

Is there a way to tackle it, though?

We believe so.

Kwik Sweep, whose expertise lies in waste removal, collection, and recycling, has gathered some of the best tips on reducing food waste, and is ready to share these with you.

So, here we go!

  • Do not buy so much food (honestly, don’t)

Each year, Australian families throw away 345kg of food. That is almost a kilogram per day. Or $1036 of food per family each year. Why does this happen? The answer is easy. Food gets thrown away because we shop for things that, simply put, we really do not need. Often, we cook too much food, fail to use leftovers, and buy takeaway even when the fridge is full. This has to stop.

  • Buy “ugly” greens and fruits!

Halt the food waste madness by embracing ugly food! In Australia, half of the country’s edible fruit and vegetable are rejected before they even reach supermarkets. The reason? They look ugly. However, you can fight this trend. If you buy directly from the farmers themselves, not only will you spend less, but you will contribute to reducing food waste.

  • “Rescue” food.

Think about the food you have in your fridge. Use-by dates do show when food has to go, but best before dates are different! These are more like indications, and food can be eaten even after a best before date, provided it is stored well. Also, you can support organisations that help businesses reducing food waste by redistributing the food these businesses fail to sell.

Still looking for answers and tips?

If waste keeps bothering you, get in touch with Kwik Sweep now. We are London’s favourite waste management companies, which means that our waste collection and removal services never disappoint.

We are here to help.

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