Can we achieve a sustainable future?

Yes. In fact, some of us are already on track for it.

KwikSweep, a provider of private waste management services in London, is committed to providing Londoners with green prospects – and we are not alone.

Sustainability success stories are no longer taboo. Eco-friendliness is no longer an impossible challenge. Greener cities are no longer a dream – here is the proof.

  • Ethiopian … trees.

East Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world. Yet, Ethiopian Airlines has decided to plant a total of nine million trees – one for every passenger it carries. The airline is one of the first to recognise the need to accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation. If left unchecked, by 2050, global aviation will have generated an estimated 43 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.


  • Kiwi … transparency.

One of New Zealand’s most popular apparel companies – selling in more than 47 countries globally – has published a 118-page transparency report, giving details of every single step of its supply chain practices. Needless to say, their production is as green as it can get. If more companies adopted a similar approach, it would be easier to catch carbon abusers.


  • British … construction changes.

UK-GBC has recently issued a call for an industry-wide, radical mindset shift to generate a better built environment. UK Green Building Council’s chief executive Julie Hirigoyen, in regard to such shift, has claimed that: ‘Overarchingly, it is clear that the future for this industry cannot repeat of the past,’ and that ‘whether it is through physical conditions, resource constraints, skill shortages, or demand pressures, a shift in mindset is required to turn … challenges into opportunities and avoid major disruption.’

Sustainability is what drives all three initiatives.

These must serve as an example for all – the time to act is now.

So, in London, if you need help with waste removal and collection, get in touch with us. Our eco-friendly approach is sustainable, and will help you contribute towards a greener future.

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