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£15bn each year.

That is how much bad waste practices are costing British businesses.

Sounds crazy, right? Sadly, it’s the truth.

Kwik Sweep, a leader in waste management in London, is here to delve into this matter.

According to a report from Envirowise, a government-funded group that advises business on sustainability and the environment, inappropriate waste management costs British industries an average of £15bn each year.

“That’s too much. How do we stop this?”

The One Bin Day campaign answered this question, in 2018. Yet, barely anyone listened.

The group paraded an enormous, two-and-a-half metre-high waste paper bin around London, and urged Britain’s 25 million office workers to limit their number of bins to just one per office.

However, guess what …

The campaign was largely unsuccessful.

In theory, “One Bin Day [was] designed to make people think about what they buy, use and throw away,” said Envirowise programme director, Martin Gibson.

Yet, today, around 10 years later, the office waste crisis has simply, and dramatically, got worse.

Martin Gibson’s words are yet to be understood.

“Much of what we discard can be reduced or recycled, but the convenience of a bin right by your desk makes for a big temptation to throw away valuable resources.”

“Once people start thinking about how they use things, they often think of how to reduce the amount they use, and improve the reuse and recycling of what is left.”

We, at Kwik Sweep, find that Londoners are still a long way away from being responsible, eco-friendly citizens.

Martin’s voice may well have been heard across the capital but, sadly, it hasn’t left a mark.

This is why Kwik Sweep exists.

We endeavour to reuse, recycle, and reduce waste on London’s streets. Our services are fast, quick, and eco-friendly. We care about the environment more than anyone else.

So, if you are struggling with waste, get in touch with us.

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