Is the government really keen on tackling our plastic problem?

We are not sure.

According to the chief environment scientist of her majesty’s government, plastic waste should be sent to landfill sites until it can be mined.

To us at Kwik Sweep, this is all but ideal. Our commitment to eco-friendly waste removal, collection, and management is in disagreement with this idea.

As ‘The Times’ reports, Ian Boyd has recently said that landfill could be a better solution than incineration for waste because it can always be dug out a later date and turned into useful products.

This ‘sub-optimal’ solution has emerged in the attempt to find ways to cope with the impact of China’s recent ban on most waste imports.

At the moment, bales of used plastic bottles and other waste are being stockpiled around the UK because they are no longer allowed to be sent to China, which took 55 per cent of all the waste plastic the UK exported in 2016.

Interring this waste is not THE solution. However, it is A short-term solution to avoid the incineration of our plastic waste.

Though it would be better to recycle this plastic straightaway, a compromise is to be reached. So far, interring plastic waste prior to recycling it appears to be a viable solution.

Analysis by the Green Party shows that, should present trends continue, the UK would be incinerating more waste than it recycled by April next year.

That said, Kwik Sweep has no intention to give in to this trend.

Our services, which include junk removal, garden clearance, and WEEE removal, always aim to recycle or reuse as much material as possible.

Kwik Sweep’s innovative approach to eco-friendly waste management is unbeatable in London.

So, get in touch now! Get rid of your waste in as much a green way as possible with us.

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