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Ocean waste is one of the greatest problems of our generation. For years, waste has been released into our oceans, and now over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash pollute them.

KwikSweep focuses on urban waste collection, but our team is aware that the waste we do not collect may end up polluting the earth’s waters.

However, things might be about to change, and we also want you to know about this!

On the 6th of December, nearly 200 countries signed a U.N. resolution to eliminate plastic pollution in the sea. This news, which went largely unnoticed, is a game-changer.

This move, in fact, could pave the way to a legally binding treaty, and to the discovery of a final solution to ocean waste.

Just think of this.

  • If ocean pollution rates are not addressed, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.
  • Eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. This waste kills marine life and enters the human food chain.

Yet, now, there exists an agreement to explore measures to this problem.

Norway’s environment minister, Vidar Helgesen, is an ardent defender of this resolution.

In his words, scientists are finding “micro plastics inside mussels, which is something we like to eat.”

Also, “in January this year, a fairly rare species of whale was stranded on a beach because of exhaustion, and they simply had to kill it. In its tummy, they found 30 plastic bags.”

KwikSweep finds that Helgesen is right to emphasise how big of an issue plastic waste is.

The U.N. resolution he praises, though not a treaty, is a sign that significant progress is being made.

Around 40 governments have already announced new commitments to reduce the amount of plastic going into the sea.

It is now up to us to keep our efforts steady on this issue.

KwikSweep endorses the resolution, and hopes its house clearance, office clearance, garden clearance, waste disposal, WEEE recycling, and hazardous waste collections services can work towards the attainment of its aim.

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