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Kwik Sweep knows what a great idea looks like.

After all, before our business became a success, it too was once a simple, great idea.

The same, we believe, is true of Veolia’s latest art installation. The firm has in fact recently unveiled a piece of art that transforms used drinks bottles into glittering and eco-friendly chandeliers.

Known as “Bottle Festoon,” this exhibit is part of the Lumiere London project and stresses the importance of preserving our environment, as well as using waste as a resource.

Bottle Festoon is a symbol of Kwik Sweep’s beloved recycling culture, and mirrors our commitment to waste collection, reprocessing, and conservation.

Each chandelier consists of a total of 20 bottles, cut, decorated, and hung together as one to create jellyfish-like sculptures that shine light from within. Bottle Festoons can be found in three locations across London, or along King’s Cross’ Bagley’s Walk, in Fitzrovia, and in Mayfair.

What surprises us about this art installation is its social side, too. A total of 40 school and community groups from six London boroughs have been involved in the making of over 200 chandeliers, reusing more than 6000 plastic bottles.

Community workshops to model the chandeliers took place across Croydon, Sutton, Lambeth, Greenwich, Redbridge, and Waltham Forest, with over 1,000 children and adults learning about the importance of recycling and reusing waste.

The regional director for Veolia London, Pascal Hauret, said that “… through sponsoring Lumiere London, we want to remind participant and visitors to Bottle Festoon of the fragility of our environment.”

Kwik Sweep praises Hauret’s words and is glad to see that London’s waste issue is finally being tackled by a plethora of different actors.

That said, more needs to be done, and if you want to get rid of your waste ethically, you should get in touch with us.

Kwik Sweep is a leader in waste removal in London. Our services never disappoint.

Give us a call, download our app, or email us. We will be quick in getting back to you with an eco-friendly solution to your waste problems.

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