We know it. Junk has habit of accumulating. It’s in its nature. It can start with just a dress out of place, or an old box you are not sure what to do with. Yet, all of a sudden, there it is: an enormous pile of junk within your house clearance.

Don’t let this bring you down! Instead, read through our THREE tips, and let go of all the stress.

Here at KwikSweep we make House clearance easy every step of the way.


  1. The ONE rule of thumb you will need.

Do you want everything to go smoothly? Plan ahead the time needed to perform your house clearance! Our usual rule of thumb is to allow half a day for each room, if two people are working on the clearance. This may seem a lot, but giving yourself enough time goes a long way to making your house clearance less stressful.


  1. Ever heard of the traffic light system?

When performing a house clearance, you need to decide what to keep, sell or donate, or bin. This is often hard. Yet, with the traffic light system, it can easily become both simple and fun.


Using coloured stickers, label everything you see according to the following logic:


  • GREEN = Keep.
  • YELLOW = Sell/donate.
  • RED = Get rid of.


If you have kids, this is a good way to get them involved!


  1. Empty your house … the smart way!

Remember the traffic light system? Each colour will require a different approach.


Your GREEN items will need to be relocated. You can either do this on your own, or contact a specialist removal firm.


Your YELLOW items will need to be sold or donated. eBay, Amazon, and Gumtree are all valid ways to make some money out of things you no longer need. Alternatively, you could host a yard sale, which is fun and … local. If you want to donate items, charity shops are your go-to places. In the UK, Oxfam and the British Red Cross are both excellent options.

Your GREEN items will need to be disposed of. This is where we, at KwikSweep, can come in very handy. Whether you need to get rid of just a single item or a whole house, KwikSweep will clear all your unwanted junk or rubbish, in as much an environmental way as possible. On top, as we like to keep things simple, all our prices already include VAT.

Last but not least, you should keep any confidential documents safe. Identity theft is a big problem in the UK. If you need to get rid of such items, a small shredder may be a smart investment.

House clearance does not need to be stressful.

If you need advice, or have any questions, feel free to call us for a chat.

KwikSweep will always be there to help.


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