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It’s on.

Bali has declared war on plastic-waste.

Well, kind of.

Thousands of Indonesian islanders are set to join the One Island One Voice clean-up of Bali’s beaches, rivers, and jungles. Their aim is simple: to regain paradise island status and to make their home clean again.

Kwik Sweep, whose expertise lies in the removal and collection of waste in London, is keen on spreading this news. In fact, we believe that if more people took action against plastic, the latter would soon cease to be a problem.

The mass cleanup, which started a last week, is the initiative of One Island One Voice (OIOV), an umbrella movement of organisations and people wanting to get rid of plastic waste and create a “greener, cleaner Bali.”

Rima Augustina, one of the coordinators, said: “This event is not only a cleanup action, it is a chance to raise awareness and understanding about what really happens in Bali.”


According to her, the action is as much about changing attitudes as cleaning up beaches. She claimed that: “All it takes is one or two hours of picking up trash and for most people the mindset is completely transformed. They would start thinking that hose single-use plastics give more harm than benefits to the community.”

Cleaning-up Indonesia is a mission we, as humans, should all focus on.

Indonesia is the second-largest plastic polluter in the world, and is second only to China, with over 200,000 tonnes of plastic-waste flowing into its oceans via rivers and streams each year.

With only five legal rubbish dumps on the island, only about 25 per cent of its waste is collected through official channels, mirroring a problem that most countries have to face on a daily basis.

We, at Kwik Sweep, work to fight and contrast such an issue.

Our waste collection and removal services aim to keep London clean – managing waste in one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

If you find you need help with your waste, get in touch with us now.

Kwik Sweep is ready to help.

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