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Kwik Sweep knows how hard it is to recycle. We do this for a living.

However, we also know that people know very little about waste and recycling. So, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about waste for you to read. We have also included answer for each and every one of them.

Have a read and see if you have been disposing of your recyclables in the right way…

  • Is there a difference between domestic and office waste?

In simple terms, it depends. However, there are a few, general rules you should remember. The first one is that, at home, tissue paper goes in your food bin, while at work it goes in the general waste bin. The second one is that glass, at home, goes into the mixed recycling bin, while at work separate glass bins are usually provided.

  • What kind of plastic can be recycled?

In general, anything that is plastic packaging can be recycled. So, bottles, tubs, pots, bags, trays, and wrapping can all be recycled. However, there are three exceptions. These are crisp packets, cling film, and expanded polystyrene.

  • Does recycling have to be washed before it goes in the bin?

While it does not have to be 100 per cent pristine, your recyclables should be as clean as possible. Food, for instance, is a major contaminant of recycling; so, food packaging must be empty.

No. Please do not put toners in the recycling bin. Rely, instead, on ‘take back’ schemes, or contact Kwik Sweep if you want to make sure your toners are disposed of in the correct way.

  • Can black plastic bags be recycled?

Again, no. These can never be recycled. Whether you are at home, or at work, keep these away from the recycling bin, and put them in the general waste one.

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This is just a brief list of common doubts on recycling.

If you have a lot of waste you want to dispose of correctly, get in touch with Kwik Sweep now.

We are London’s most successful waste management company. Our services are fast, convenient, and eco-friendly. What are you waiting for? Call or email us now

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