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It may sound odd, but food waste is an issue, now more than ever. In Britain, for instance, households binned £13 worth of food in 2015 alone, and the trend keeps getting worse.

Kwik Sweep, as expert in the field of waste collection, removal, and disposal, is aware of this problem, and wants YOU to know about this, too.

To this end, we have come up with a short list of tips that will help you prevent food waste.

  • Re-work… aka reuse ingredients.

According to Anne-Cécile Degenne, one of France’s Top Chefs, we ought to make the most of our cooked ingredients. In her own words: “if we have leftover bacon from the breakfast buffet, the chefs quickly think of ways to reuse it instead of throwing it away like they used to do. We often use cooked bacon in quiches or pies, and the result is delicious.” Let’s all make the most of what we would throw away!

  • Use everything.

Chef and food waste activist Tom Hunt believes that people should use produce in its entirety. To him: “there is no need to peel vegetables and fruit, and a lot of the nutrients are present in the skin … creating rescue recipes is also an efficient and delicious way to reduce your food waste.”

  • Do not over-serve.

The concept of massive portions is driven by the restaurant culture, but it is to be avoided. Using small plates, for example, can help you reduce portions, and limit your food waste.

  • Donate to food banks (or farms).

Before you throw away excess food, see if food banks or charities can take the food you know you will not consume. You could also donate scraps and unwanted food to farms to feed livestock.

  • Store food in the right places.

Storing food in the right place should always be a priority. Often, food is wasted because it rots in the wrong environment. Make sure you know where to place your food, it may save you money, and can prevent waste.

See? Food waste is not that hard to prevent. It requires some effort, though.

If, however, you would like to get rid of your waste without moving a finger, call us. Kwik Sweep offers a range of waste management services that will surely meet your demands.

Get in touch, we will not disappoint.

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