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Are you thinking of getting a skip? Here are a few reasons to use KwikSweep instead of hiring a skip.


  1. Hiring a skip is a bureaucratic hassle.

In order to hire a skip, and have it on your property, you usually need a permit from your local council. This means having to deal with bureaucracy and its long, frustrating times. We are sure you would rather avoid this.


  1. Space is a problem.

When hiring a skip, you need space. Lots of it. Thus, unless you own a garden or front drive, you will have to give up your precious parking space. This is frustrating, and may cost you a fortune if you decide to rent an alternative, private parking lot.


  1. Skips attract rubbish.

Neighbours, as well as kids, or virtually anybody, are very often tempted to use YOUR skip for throwing away their garbage. This, on top of being annoying, limits the quantity of waste you can get rid of.


  1. Waiting times…

Most of the time, there is considerable waiting time before the skip you order is delivered. But that is not all. Often, you will also have to wait a long time before your full skip is collected. This, other than being irritating, makes your property very unsightly.


So, why choose us instead of a skip? If the above is not enough, here are four more reasons you should take into account.


  1. Lifting and Carrying = SORTED!

KwikSweep’s clearance teams will not just take your rubbish away. They will load it up onto our trucks for you. You will not need to move a finger.


  1. Our value for money? Unbeatable.

With KwikSweep, you will only pay for what we take away. While skip firms charge per skip, whether you fill it up or not, we will only expect you to pay for you want to get rid of.


  1. We CARE about the ENVIRONMENT!

The KwikSweep team will always seek to recycle you waste. This is the way we do things. With the environment in mind, we only take waste to certified, licensed facilities. Choose us, and you will contribute to our planet’s conservation.


  1. KwikSweep is NOT a bureaucratic hassle.

When choosing KwikSweep, you choose not to worry about your waste. We deal with your waste and all the paperwork that comes with it. The only thing we need you to do is to tell us what you want to get rid of.


KwikSweep is the solution to you waste problems. Having come first in two categories at the last National Recycling Awards, we are the company you should trust.

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