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We know it.

The public backlash against plastic waste is growing.

But is the world coming up with alternatives to it? Can we – or should we – aim to scrap plastics altogether?

Finding answers to these questions is not easy. However, the fight against plastic is on, and our victory is all but a mirage. Kwik Sweep, London’s favourite waste removal company, is here to update YOU on some of the latest news about this fight.

  • New materials.

Naturally occurring polymers – basically, bio-plastics – may no longer be a dream. Researchers at Penn State University have already created waterproof coatings from cellulose and the shells of crustaceans. Israel-based Tipa, instead, is developing its very own bio-packaging. More work is needed, but new, plastic-like, bio materials may soon become the standard across a number of industries.


  • Better product design.

What if the best way to avoid plastic was finding new, smarter ways to use it? From coffee cups to drinks packaging, solutions are proliferating. Triocup is an example. It’s a paper coffee cup that folds over at the top, removing the need for a plastic lid. The ultimate aim of Triocup is to remove the plastic lining too, making the vessel fully compostable and – or – recyclable.


  • Redesigning clothes.

Recent revelations about the dangers of microplastic pollution from synthetic fibres has resulted in the desertion of recycled-plastic clothes. Traditional textiles, such as wool, cotton, hemp and flax are all feasible alternatives, but new, fresh approaches are also on
the rise. Among these we found Ananas-Anam, which produces a natural, bio-fibre from pineapple leaves that can be used to make clothes.

These solutions may still take a few years to spread commercially across the globe, which means that more plastic waste will pile up.

In the meantime, still, Kwik Sweep is the ideal solution to provide for the collection, removal, and recycling of all waste, including waste-plastics.

So, should you need to get rid of your plastic waste, contact us now.

Our teams are friendly, quick, and can get rid of your waste in less than 24 hours from your first call.

Kwik Sweep is the solution.

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