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At KwikSweep, we love Apps.

In fact, we even have our own, which allows you to access all our services seamlessly. But what if you wanted your children to learn about recycling, too?

We, at KwikSweep, have come up with a list of 4 engaging mobile apps that can provide industry education to children anywhere, and at any time.

So, here it is!

  • Waste Sorting

Babybus creates mobile apps and early childhood educational software for the youngest among us. The Waste Sorting app shows children that waste is an issue, and teaches them to categorise it. It focuses on eight categories of waste, on recycling, and it even give tips on how to make garden compost and clean up land.


  • Recycle Paradise

This app introduces kids to the world of waste collection and recycling. It helps kids understand environmental awareness, and challenges users to get more than 200 pieces of waste in the right place. Kids have to choose whether to put items in the paper, plastic, metal, or glass bin. This is definitely an app worth checking out.


  • Recycle More!

Antoni Besalu is the creator of Recycle More! an educational game that aims to teach kids the importance of recycling. Users need to identify the correct colour code for recycling containers, which is a fun way for children to learn how to sort waste.

  • Garbage Truck Simulator 2017

This app puts kids into the driving seat of a garbage truck. The aim is making daily rounds collecting garbage from all corners of a city, and dumping them to a garbage site.


Get your children to join the campaign against unnecessary and unrecycled waste!

And do not forget about the KwikSweep App, it gives your thumbs the power to access our house clearance, WEEE recycling, and junk removal services

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