How (and why) to cut down on waste

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Here at KwikSweep we have a company mantra: “aggressive on waste for a sustainable future”. What does it mean?

It’s a catchy way of saying that we’re aware of the problems that poorly managed waste disposal can cause the environment, and we’re fully committed to running our company in a way that won’t damage the planet or create environmental problems for our children and grandchildren.

In a consumer culture where sleeker, faster versions of favourite household items come on the market on a regular basis (we’re looking at you, Apple) we are constantly encouraged to buy new and throw out the old. We buy new TV sets, DVD players, kettles, toasters, and so on, thus creating a need to dispose of the old ones we no longer use.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of waste, but many come with health warnings attached. Poorly managed waste incineration can release toxic chemicals into the air, badly maintained landfills can leak, and waste left on the streets attracts vermin and costs the council to remove.

So how are we supposed to know that our waste is being disposed of properly?

Kwik Sweep is committed to minimising environmental impact by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Human beings are creating more rubbish than ever, and the ethical disposal of waste has never been more important.

We focus on the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. If you hire us to collect waste from your home, office, garden, or commercial premises, we will do our very best to recycle or find a new use for your unwanted items.

Want to help? You can be part of our vision of a green future by cutting down on the amount of waste created by your household or office. Here are some handy tips:

Buy in bulk

If you’re ordering office or household supplies from an online retailer (for example, lots of new stationary folders from Amazon) buy as many as you can in one go, rather than ordering two or three at a time. This cuts enormously down on the amount of waste packaging used by the supplier to get your products to you in good shape: less bubble wrap, less cardboard, and so on.

Get crafty!

Companies like Primark or Matalan offer clothes at extremely affordable prices, meaning that it’s all too easy to throw away a shirt when the sleeves start to fray. We suggest a different approach: repair your worn or damaged clothing either by hand or by a local tailor (dry cleaners usually offer a repair service, and they tend to be quite cheap).

Bring a bag

Doing a weekly shop? Now that retailers charge 5p per plastic bag, it’s environmentally and financially savvy to bring your own bag to the supermarket. This means fewer plastic bags to throw away – plus you’re saving money! We suggest either a tote bag or a long-lasting Bag for Life (which you can buy at any big supermarket), both of which are re-usable.

Have you got any tips for us? Do let us know how you recycle or re-use your waste in the comments below – and don’t forget to call Kwik Sweep on 0207 624 9215 for any bulky home or office items you need a hand getting rid of.

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