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Over the past few days, a series of low-carbon and resource-efficient innovations have made their first, official appearances.

Kwik Sweep has rounded a few of these up, so as to show you that green, eco-friendly solutions are the way forward!

Our company, whose expertise lies in waste removal and collection in London, is much more than a simple waste management firm. We care about our planet and here are a few things that have recently made us happy.


  • Edible banana peel, oh yes!

In Japan, scientists have come up with an ingenious way to freeze bananas and make their peel edible. As well as being pesticide free, these peels contain more magnesium, sugar, and vitamin B6 than traditional bananas. Using extreme temperatures, the banana matures before the skin does, creating a thin and edible peel.


  • Beans coffee cups?

Wasbeans is a new, re-usable coffee cup made with spent coffee grounds. Essentially, it uses biocomposite technology, or a fusion of plant and plastics that can be upcycled in waste streams to reduce carbon emission and save money.


  • Bio sunscreen.

The University of Florida has found a mechanism through which toxic ultraviolet blocking chemicals in sunscreen can be replaced. The University’s researchers have found that inserting specific genes into bacteria created a breeding ground that can produce the necessary sun-blocking ingredient for sunscreen in large quantities.


  • The eco-friendly smart grid.

The LEMENE smart gird embeds an array of technologies that will make a Finnish business district self-sufficient. This renewable energy system, which consists of a 4MW solar array, has been paired with fuel cell technology to significantly improve the district’s energy efficiency. An 8MW biogas engine and battery storage will also provide flexibility and further reliability to the grid.


At the same time, Kwik Sweep keeps innovating locally, in London.

Our cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions are perfect to perform all sorts of junk clearance and collection jobs.

Get in touch now, or use our App to access all our services.

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