7 ways to prepare your garden for spring

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The weather might still be chilly but spring is just around the corner. For gardeners and lovers of the outdoors, that means it’s time to prepare your garden, ensuring it’s ready to flourish when the sunshine arrives and you’ll have a beautiful space to relax in or throw a party outdoors.

Try these 7 ways to get your garden ready for the spring months this year.

Have a plan – If you’re wanting to change up your garden or introduce some new plants this year, having a plan can make sure it’ll look great. Armed with a vision, you’ll know exactly what you need, when to plant, and how to space out your plants, garden furniture, and other outdoor items.

Give your greenhouse a clean – If you have a greenhouse in your garden it’s time to give it a good scrub before you fill it with seedlings, cuttings, and other plants. It’ll not only look better but help your plants grow too.

Clear out your rubbish – Our gardens can often become areas where we store old junk. Now is the perfect time to give your garden a spring clean and get rid of unwanted items. It can make your whole garden feel bigger and clear the way for improvements that you’ll love.

Complete your maintenance – If during the blustery winter months your fences, trellises, or any other items got damaged you should fix them before spring. It might be tempting to wait for the warmer weather to emerge but doing it now means you’ll have more time to spend gardening and ensure your vision looks great as soon as plants emerge.

Order your summer bulbs and seeds –  A colourful and stunning garden in the summer months requires some prior planning. Ordering your bulbs and seeds to plant in early spring means when the sun arrives your garden will come alive. Lilies and gladiolus are perfect for planting once the frost has cleared.

Do your weeding – The sooner you pull weeds the easier it is to get rid of these garden pests as the roots will still be shallow, leaving you to plant what you want when the time comes. You can cover bare spots with mulch or covers to minimise weeds emerging.

Pull and prune your plants – If you didn’t get around to pulling old plants before winter you should do so before spring arrives. Pruning plants that are already in your garden can stimulate growth too, just make sure you do it after the risk of frost has past.

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