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Did you know that around 91 per cent of all plastic on earth is not being recycled?

If your answer is no, you should probably keep reading.

Us, humans, use plastic bottles to drink on a daily basis. We also use such bottles for every-day household goods, such as shampoo, liquid hand soap, bleach, and kitchen chemicals.

Yet, there is catch … Plastic waste harms our green areas, ills marine ecosystems, and pollutes every corner of earth.

Kwik Sweep, as a leader in waste removal in London, has thus chosen to provide you with some tips that can help you reduce your amount of plastic waste.

  • Buy a bag-for-life

Bags-for-life are not just trendy. They are a great way to start cutting down on your plastic usage. Just make sure to pack a reusable bag whenever you head out to do some shopping.


  • Ditch coffee cups

Are you a coffee (or tea) lover? It is time for you to ditch your plastic cup in favour of a thermos! Several shops already sell these, or you can find plenty online.


  • Good old matches

Ditch plastic lighters and welcome back matches! This is another way of reducing plastic waste. It will also give you that hipster look …


  • Plastic straws … really?

Straws are a hazard for sea creatures as they can easily end up in their nostrils and stomachs. If you really want to use a straw, a good alternative is to use paper straws. These are way more biodegradable and do not pollute.


  • Canning

Canning is a beneficial method of preserving food. Jar containers can provide longer shelf life and prevent waste, too. So, shop in bulk with jars.

If the above advices are not enough for you, fear not!

Should you require more immediate help in getting rid of your waste, get in touch with us. Kwik Sweep is a leader in London when it comes to waste removal and recycling.

Let us take care of your junk and stop thinking about it. We will take care of you waste in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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