Why use a company with waste carrier license?

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We at www.kwiksweep.co.uk is fully registered the environment agency for all your rubbish removal needs.

Using a registered waste management company with the Environment Agency and waste collection authority are the preferred method of disposing of your bulky waste/junk.  A transfer note would be giving to you meaning that your waste is now the responsibility of the waste carrier and will be disposed of responsibly at a registered waste transfer station.

The problem you face when using unregistered waste carrier company is that your waste is more likely to be fly-tipped and no paper work is given to prove the transportation of your waste.

If your waste is fly-tipped and traced back you are also responsible for criminal offences, fly-tippers can be fined up to £50,000 in Magistrates’ Courts, face unlimited fines in higher courts, as well as community punishment orders or prison sentences of up to 5 years’.

It is very important you check whether they are licensed to transport your waste/junk and proof of transfer in order to be able to produce on request by your local council or EA regulators.

You can check the Environment Agency public register


Or by phoning 08708 506506 and requesting an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence that can cause serious pollution to the environment, human health and wildlife.  It costs landowners and the taxpayer an estimated £100 million every year to clean up in the UK.  So in a way you are paying for your waste twice if given to companies that would fly-tip your waste.

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