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One trillion dollars per year.

That is the total cost of global food waste.

Clearly, it is a shocking figure, and though our expertise lies in waste removal, collection, and recycling, we feel YOU should know more about this issue.

In the United States alone, 30 to 40 per cent of all food supplies end up becoming food waste.

So, what is the world doing to tackle this?

At first, you may answer with “not much,” but a new bunch of start-ups has begun to do serious work to tackle the plague of food waste.

Here are a few, impressive examples.

  • The Fertile Crescent

Founded in 2010, this company produces fertilisers through food waste. They source unwanted meats and produce from grocery stores and restaurants, creating a slurry that retains more than 90 percent of the nutrients versus 40 percent from traditional composting.


  • Blume Distillation

In addition to creating high-powered food-based fertilisers, Blume Distillation is attempting to turn waste food into fuel. They manufacture large-scale systems for converting food waste and other forms of bio waste into alcohol (ethanol), which can be used to power some types of cars and machinery.


  • Winnow Solutions

This London-based company has devised a “smart scale” system that allows restaurants to calculate how much food their kitchens waste on a daily basis. The system also produces reports in near real-time to offer suggestions on how to optimise food management. One of their biggest clients is IKEA, which managed to reduce food waste by 40 per cent in one of their stores by using Winnow’s system.


  • Yüme

Many apps like Yüme seek to find a home for unwanted food. With these apps, vendors can offload surplus food before it spoils at deeply discounted prices!

That said, at times, other kinds of waste accumulate in our homes and offices.

If that is you case, get in touch with Kwik Sweep now! Our waste collection and disposal services are the best in London.

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