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As odd as it may be, yes – you should.

In fact, if you do not, you run the risk of ruining everything.

Kwik Sweep, London’s leading waste removal company, wants YOU to recycle right and to avoid this risk.

Still not convinced? Read on.

According to a spokesperson for the North London Waste Authority: “items that are placed in recycling bins are collected and taken to a MRF (a material recovery facility) where they are sorted and processed.”

Here, one of the most common issues is food residue. This, to the spokesperson, is a “form of contamination because food residue left on containers cannot be reliably processed.”

“Contamination is created when the wrong materials are put into the system (e.g. nappies in the recycling bin) or when the right materials are prepared in the wrong way (e.g. food left in containers).”

And of course, “if contamination levels are too high when a recycling load arrives at the facility, it might have to be rejected. If this is the case, then the whole load is sent to be burnt for energy or to landfill.”

All this, clearly, is far from ideal.

The cleaner one’s recycling is, the lower the chance that a recycling load will have to be rejected from a recycling facility.

To some, washing recycling can feel like a waste of water. Yet, if this very action can help tonnes of waste get recycled, then it is a necessary one.

The North London Waste Authority notes that: “items can be rinsed when you do your washing up, that way no extra water is needed and it takes almost no time.”

For any other recycling need, you can get in touch with us at Kwik Sweep.

Our services, which span from waste collection to asbestos removal, are always centred on the reduce, reuse, recycle mentality.

Trust us and you will trust London’s favourite waste management company

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