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It’s finally happening.

And no, it’s not a hoax.

Enfield Council is leading the way in London’s war on plastic – having trialled a new, innovative product made with waste materials to resurface its borough’s roads.

Kwik Sweep finds this exciting. We believe in innovation – our waste collection and removal services are the best in London – and we are glad to see that more is finally being done to innovate in the waste sector.

Enfield is the first council in London to test and use a new asphalt / waste plastics mix made by Lockerbie-based company MacRebur.

And … its first-use of the new tarmac-like material has been successful.

The positive resurfacing of a section of “Green Dragon Lane” in Enfield has led the Council to secure additional funding from Transport for London (TfL) for further trials, using the same product to improve the current state of a number of bus stops.

The new mix is tougher and more durable than standard tarmac and the Council hopes to use it on more roads across the borough.

To Cllr. Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Enfield’s move is remarkable. In his words: “We all know that plastics can have a devastating impact on the environment, particularly when the product reaches our seas and oceans. We all have a responsibility to step up our efforts to help the environment by recycling more, upcycling and responsibly sourcing materials.”

He also claimed that: “Enfield Council is delighted with this road trial and hope we can use more of the product across the borough to diver plastics from landfill and reduce the carbon footprint for road construction.”

To us, at Kwik Sweep, more councils should follow Enfield’s example.

In the meantime, Kwik Sweep continues to offer London’s most effective waste removal and collection services.

We endeavour to reuse and recycle all materials we collect – the environment is our priority, always.

Get in touch if you need help with your waste.

Kwik Sweep is here to help you.

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