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Finally, there is one.

Oh, and it looks good.

Ingrid Caldironi has opened the city’s first plastic-free shop, Bull Market. The pop-up store stocks more than 300 items and it’s not just food! Alongside Ingrid’s dried goods there is also bamboo toothbrushes, paper-wrapped toilet rolls and dog food, too.

Kwik Sweep, whose expertise lies in waste removal and collection in London, is glad to hear and report about the initial success of Mrs. Cladironi’s story.

In her own words: “The idea came from my own needs. I wanted to support the right business and be able to shop without creating any waste, but there wasn’t anything like that in London.”

She also added: “I always thought waste was a natural output of modern living, but it turns out to be poor design. Things aren’t designed in a circular economy mind-set yet.”

Bull Market’s products are brandless – they refuse to hide behind familiar names and popular packaging. Ingrid’s products are sourced locally from other social enterprises, co-operatives. community farms, or made on site.

The shop’s cakes come from Luminary Bakery, which provides training to vulnerable women, while much of the other produce comes from interesting local project. including Dusty Knuckle, Growing Communities and Capital Growth.

According to Caldironi: “People will know how the food is made and where, all the way from farm to table, and ultimately, to the bin.”

Bull Market has a recycling bin for cardboard, paper and glass, but according to the shop’s owner, this: “Takes months to fill up.” The pop-up store composts all the food scarps – using it to grow herbs and ornamental plants on the premise’s balcony.

We, at Kwik Sweep, would like to see more shops like this in London.

Our waste collection and recycling efforts aim to make London a cleaner city, just like Bull Market does.

So, if you have waste you want to get rid of, and recycle, get in touch with us.

Kwik Sweep is ready to help.

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