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At KwikSweep, we know a thing or two about recycling.

We also know that on Christmas morning, after presents have been opened, homes are littered with mountains of wrapping paper.

So, even if our expertise is waste removal, we have decided to provide you with a few tips on how to recycle your Christmas wrapping paper.

First of all, it is key to note that not all wrapping paper can be recycled. This is because gift wrap, very often, contains much more than simple paper.

Simon Ellin, chief executive of the Recycling association, speaks of this colourful material as a “nightmare for paper mills,” as while mounds of wrapping paper are sent to recycling facilities, the latter cannot work with all of it.

The problem is that not all wrapping paper is actually paper. Some, if not most, is plastic-based.

One way to know whether you can recycle your wrapping paper or not is to scrunch it up into a ball. If it scrunches, it can probably be recycled.

If not, then, a good option is to reuse gift wraps for fun DIY project. Wrapping paper can in fact be used to create fun objects and toys, such as colourful agendas or festive doll dresses.

Alternatively, it is always worth checking whether your council allows you to throw wrapping paper in the recycling bin.

Some will let you put it into the recycling collection, while others may insist you bring it along to a recycling centre.

KwikSweep will be more than happy to collect your Christmas waste, but if you are only looking to get rid of a few sheets of wrapping paper, you could simply check out the link below.

This will tell you where to go to dispose of your used wrapping paper.

For everything else, from old kitchen appliances to garden clearances, you can just give KwikSweep a call.

We remove waste for you, while you relax and enjoy your Christmas presents.

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