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KwikSweep believes that in the fight against pollution and climate change any effort is good effort.

But what if 5p bags were useless in combating waste? In this article, we will explore the reasons why a total ban, and not 5p charges, could be the only way to solve the plastic bag problem.

Every day, millions of microplastics disperse into the sea from throw-away items such as bags, scrubs, toothpastes, and straws. In 2016, Plymouth University reported that plastic was found in a third of UK-caught fish, which includes mackerel, shellfish, and cod.

Plastics are having a shocking and tremendously negative impact on the world’s oceanic life. Every day, hundreds of birds die as a result of plastic (see it yourself at https://youtu.be/I4QNolP7Khc).

So, in an effort to tackle this issue, Theresa May has recently proposed to extend the 5p plastic bag charge to all stores with fewer than 250 employees. This means that smaller retailers, such as corners shop, will soon have to start charging their customers for bags.

According to the Prime Minister, the UK “will demonstrate global leadership … [and will] reduce the demand for plastic, reduce the number of plastics in circulation and improve … recycling rates.”

But while these words sound great, and the 5p charge is a good way to tackle waste, we need much more radical action.

Why not scrap the bags altogether and force people to take actual responsibility?

This is not just KwikSweep’s idea. The WWF said that they “want to see a ban on single-use plastic by 2025, and more urgent action on dirty air, climate change and protecting our precious natural heritage.”

Even if KwikSweep is on the plastic-charging bandwagon, we believe there are loads of other things the government could to tackle waste. For instance, they could ban the following:

  • Throw-away coffee cups.
  • Non-flushable wet wipes.
  • Excessive food packaging.
  • Single-use plastic straws.
  • Single-use cutlery.
  • Plastic party plates.

So, if you care about the environment, at least try to avoid the above products!

If, however, your priority is a house clearance, WEEE recycling, or junk disposal, get in touch with us immediately.

We will respond to all queries promptly, and we will get rid of your waste in the most eco-friendly way possible!

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